2021 > Helen Young

Throughout my senior year of high school I explored this main question… “How can I show appreciation for things I love through texture, color, mediums, and craftsmanship?”. I wanted to explore different mediums to let my mind wander, so I began by embroidering a couple different designs on canvas paper. To get myself used to the motions of embroidering, I began by doing a couple designs of characters from some shows I enjoy. I then created a drawing with some of my family members, transferred it onto the canvas, and embroidered it. I did this piece to show appreciation for the family members that I love. I also liked using the medium of embroidery to convey appreciation for my family because I share a love for embroidery and quilting with my grandmother. My next project was to show my appreciation for nature. I chose to make a watercolor painting of myself holding an umbrella. Towards the end of the project, I was running out of time and I chose to finish the project using a new medium of markers. I really enjoyed this project and I had fun turning it into a multimedia project after some time. I also made a collage using newspaper, magazine clippings, and old pictures of me and my family. I used nature and pictures with my family to show my appreciation for these things. My last piece was a painting of my best friend Adeline at the beach. I used acrylic paint and I really enjoyed creating a blend between the colors in the sunset. I also loved creating the shadows in the walls. The piece is meant to show appreciation for my best friend and for my love of the beach. For my acrylic painting I projected my picture on the canvas prior to starting the process of painting. This really helped me with the dimensions and perspective, which is something I have struggled with in the past.