2021 > Elle Western

People always describe eccentric, vibrant, and energetic. These adjectives could also describe me as a person. My original idea was to use paint as a texture, but I found that glitter was the best way to bring emotions into my pieces. Glitter can brighten up anything in your piece and can change your dynamic completely. It took me some time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do but once I did, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I collected pictures that had great meaning in my life, and used the texture to bring them to life. After applying the glitter, it made it even brighter and colorful. My process was tracing my picture onto a big piece of wood, adding glue and glitter to fill in the pictures. It was a very intricate process that required small details. Once I started doing glitter, I couldn’t stop! My motivation for making these pieces was being able to find a cool new picture and bring it to life.