2021 > Morgan Nalty

For my work this year I focused on different meaningful elements in my life that I could represent in another way. The essential question I developed for my art this year is, “How do I explore indirect symbols through art?” Indirect symbols are objects that are special to oneself that are not blatantly expressed. For the first semester the personal symbols I used were my summer camp, my dog Moose, and my sister Abby. I used different mediums like wooden boards, paint, and ceramic tiles. For my second semester, the personal symbols I used were camp again, and one of my favorite places to visit, Montana. I used mediums like watercolor, block print, and paint. I want my work to represent me by different symbols that are the important things in my life. I like to find different ways to represent these symbols without having to use worlds. Also, I like to explore and mix different mediums. I feel like I've been pretty adventurous this year with my mediums, and I really like how all of my pieces have turned out. Overall, I'm making this type of artwork because not only is it fun, the end product is what excites me the most. It’s so fun to be working on a project and watch it come to life each class.