2021 > Mary-Reynolds LeBlanc

The essential question I wanted to explore was “how can I show inner connection to peace?” With everything I’ve been working on, the goal has always been to express a state of peace. This is so that people might connect with it and be brought to a state of tranquility, or at least visually be reminded of peace when looking at it. I want to explore the idea of making completely different pieces with different mediums, but collectively still have the same meaning in mind to bring you to a state of unity. I think that peace can mean many different things for many people so I’ve tried to explore that idea: the lotus, the painting of a woman at a beach, and a fairy in a fantasy world. Those all remind of peaceful things, and my point in making them was for people to see that idea of peace reflected in them. I think it's very important that peace exists, even for the times we can not always be at peace, it's important to remember that it still exists— sometimes things don’t always have to be at peace in your life for you to feel at peace. I think it's important to be able to maintain a state of peace no matter what situation you're in because I believe it is good for you.