2021 > Sofia Griffin

I displayed the beauty and love of nature through mixed media, color, and 3D elements. I wanted to figure out how I could do this using my view of nature and the power it has in my life. My materials include cardboard, tissue paper, fabric, and acrylic paint. This creates a pop-up book look that brings warmth and whimsicalness, along with lots of detail and color, to bring forth my way of viewing nature. My view of nature challenges the realistic view, as it is more of a child-like, imaginative lens, almost like Alice in Wonderland. I experimented with mixing mediums in order to further drive home my thoughts of the fantasy-like, playful view of nature, and to represent the diversity of nature. I used lots of colors, shapes, textures, and levels in order to draw the eye to certain places and bring forth emotions of nostalgia and happiness. I explored how I can mix together certain elements and make my work rise above the paper. In “spring flower garden”, I worked with different colors and varieties to create completely different looks and establish grounds for someone to be able to connect to one or more of them. In “water lily pond,” I also used lots of different colors and had it look as though the flowers were sitting on water, making it 3D, to make it resemble something realistic but the colors still making it whimsical. In “single water lily,” I used all different colors and materials to create the petals to make the flower very detailed and complex to represent the beauty of nature, along with using a realistic shape balanced with unrealistic colors and materials. For “fall tree”, the fall leaf colors and realistic silhouette branches combined with the fantasy-like materials continue the theme of my unique view of nature being concrete but still very fluid and open for interpretation and having a sense of mystery. I created these pieces to encourage viewers to connect with their inner child and imaginative side and to reflect on how they view nature.