2021 > Lauren Culbertson

I have always loved creating meaningful memories and I constantly recall them by telling others the story of how they were created. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to create art surrounding the question of “How can I represent meaningful memories through objects”. This year I created pieces that serve as almost book covers for each of these memories. It is quite obvious that I love realism and making something look as it should, rather than taking a more abstract approach, so when it came time to make each and every one of these pieces of art, I spent lots of time trying to capture every little detail. I love this most about my art because I feel like the longer or the deeper you look into the piece the more details you notice just as you would if you were reading or listening to a story. While the pieces themselves do not tell the story that I am trying to convey, I have spent much time trying to decide what objects work for each memory and which memories I wish to represent me. The objects of nostalgia that I have worked with this year include dog collars, boots, a telescope, and a wood log. Each one evokes places, special times, and stories adding to their significance. The boots connect me to my childhood as they remind me of a pair I used to own and would never take off as a little kid. The log of wood is now a part of our family who we named Karl and picked up one of many trips to ship island off the coast of Mississippi. The dog collars represent my two dogs who have grown up with me. Finally, the telescope represents the nights that my dad and I spend looking at the stars. What I enjoy most about the pieces I have chosen to create is that they do not specifically refer to one memory, but a multitude of memories that they now represent.