2021 > Ella Charbonnet

I have been especially invested and passionate in the advocacy for equal reproductive rights for women during my high school year. My feminist identity is an essential part of who I am and what I make.

I explored this through the concept of different relationships such as my mom, role models, friends, and McGehee itself. The mediums I used in my exhibit consist of watercolor, colored pencils, pencil, collage, and paint. What I consistently used in my collection is words. Words hold meaning, emotion, and power thus I carefully selected words from myself and my peers that would frame the overall meaning of my art piece.

What I enjoy most about my collection is that I find the series cohesive. They gradually show the evolution of me growing into who I am today. Feminism is apart of who I am today, and I’ve learned multiple life lessons from being a feminist. I’ve learned to be outspoken. I’ve learned how to advocate and research. I’ve learned how to be involved in my community. I have also learned to never give up on what you want. Equality is my endgame.