2021 > Tirza Araya

Paper mâché
Replacing the norm
collage and paint
mix media
Mapping 1
Mapping 2
Mapping 3

Throughout my life, I have struggled to accept my body shapes. I always used to think that I was a bigger size than I appeared to others. Often felt judged for my body shape, and I found it very unattractive. I always thought it did not fit the beauty standards that are portrayed in the media. Multiple shows and movies consist of beautiful skinny women. I often wondered, How are bodies portrayed in society? How can we normalize all body types? I want to use my art to not only heal my own feelings of body stereotypes and positivity but also give a platform to others to find acceptance in their own body. Through my art pieces, I tried to create a sense of beauty and normalization of all body shapes. I showed the extreme end of body imperfections and tried to make them appear beautiful and accepted. Also, portrayed what the media should look like with a diverse amount of different body types. I wanted to detract from the “norm” by creating art pieces like multiple magazine brands for women that typically depicted skinny, unrealistic hourglass, or well-fit women. I changed these “norms” by adding women of all body shapes to these magazines. In another art piece, I used the media itself and what is depicted through social media and television; I showed what was wrong and considered “normal” and progressed to how it should be with lots of women spreading body positivity. Personally, I loved the way I developed different types of body shapes and body misconceptions through various media and styles of art. Overall, I want women of all ages to learn that their body is beautiful no matter what shapes or sizes it may take upon itself throughout your life. I want women to know that their body is accepted. I want women to understand that their body is beautiful no matter what marks, curves, shape, etc. I hope my art helps women learn that there is no comparison because the media depicts unrealistic and unfair body types. All bodies are beautiful and should be accepted and normalized.